Who is Siponey ?

Who is Siponey?
Welcome to Bee In The Know with Siponey! We’re a New York born company, bringing you the highest quality canned whiskey cocktail on the market. We use all REAL ingredients sourced from New York, and we believe that sustainability is as important as the product itself. Everything we do, from our canning process to our work with apiaries, is rooted in our mission to promote environmentally sound practices (and saving the honeybees)! Ultimately, we created Siponey so you can #drinkbetter and we can #beebetter. Check out the Q&A below for more about us, and don’t forget to subscribe to our email list! Link here.


What is in a can of Siponey?
4-year old rye whiskey from New York, real wildflower honey from the Lake Champlain region of upstate New York, lemons sourced from a local supplier, and only the finest sparkling NY water.

When was Siponey born?
In 2019. We just celebrated our 2nd birthday in October 2021!

Why was Siponey created?
To bring a better-for-you canned cocktail to the market. No malted liquor or processed sugars here; all real ingredients with a unique canning process that keeps things aromatic, refreshing, and delicious!

Where can I buy it?
Visit shopsiponey.com or check our store locator online for a retailer near you. Today you can find us in fine spirits shops and restaurants in NY, CT, NJ, MA, DC, MD, DL, FL, CA, OR, and WA. We are continuously working to expand! Be sure to ask for us in stores where fine spirits are sold.

What can you pair Siponey with?
So much! We love it with pizza, charcuterie, cheese plates, raw bar, sushi, and smoked meats.

Can you cook with it?
Yes! Try using it in place of beer or soda in pulled pork – stay tuned for a recipe 😉

Are you on social media?
Of course! Follow us on Instagram here.

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