Aaron interview

In October, we celebrated the unveiling of our new billboard along with our second birthday in the West Village! We took photos, we ate cake, and most importantly, we got to share a few moments together with our team.

We want to invite you into our business for a moment and share how this interactive billboard came to life. Check out this Q&A with our designer, Aaron Leopold.

1. How did you get into Graphic Design? I’ve been interested in making artwork for as long as I can remember. Creating a visual language to communicate without words is such a basic human instinct, and I think I have always been drawn to that. The tools have changed, but the impulse is still the same to translate ideas into images.

2. What drew you to working with Siponey? I’ve known one of the founders, Joey, since we were kids growing up in the Village together. So when he told me that he was working on Siponey with Amanda, and they would like my help to design the visual identity I was on board right away. It’s always a challenge to interpret a creator’s vision, because it’s like their baby, and those colors, the symbols, the can, or the logo is going to be the first impression that consumers are going to get. Bringing what they had in their minds to the world was very important to me.

3. What is your creative process when designing for Siponey? To me Siponey is about two things, the ingredients, and the mission. So I always try to bring my focus back to that when I’m working on something new. What sets Siponey apart from a taste perspective is that it’s made with real ingredients. What sets it apart from a “corporate” perspective is that idea of giving back to the planet. So when I’m working on the brand, I always want to keep those two things in mind.

4. How did the Billboard come to life? Another thing that I like to focus on when working on Siponey is the role that New York City has played in its development. Siponey was born in New York City, and with this billboard we wanted to celebrate its origin. We also wanted something playful and interactive that people would be drawn to as they are walking down the street. Since this piece is at eye level, I wanted to encourage people to walk up to it, examine it, and maybe take a picture in front of it and share it with their friends.

5. What are some future Siponey projects you are excited about? I’m really looking forward to the new merch store launching; Joey and I have been working on some really fun apparel pieces that I think people are going to love to wear, and 100% of the profits from those go to benefit the development of more apiaries and help save the honeybees.

Check out Aaron’s other work at www.aaronleopold.com


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