Pizza Listicle: Top 5 Best Pizza in NYC, 2021

Top 5 Best Pizza in NYC, 2021

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Bee In The Know takes on: NYC pizza. If you’re new here, Siponey is a New York brand and there is nothing more New York than pizza. Did you know the first pizzeria in the country was right here in Soho? Lombardi’s on the corner of Spring & Mott opened it’s doors in 1905. A few blocks down, Prince Street Pizza has become a heavy favorite thanks to their Spicy Spring slice – a perfect trifecta of tomato sauce, cheese, and loads of little pepperoni. That line can get long, so make sure you plan accordingly. Here are our top 5 favorites at the moment, and there will be more to come soon! If you have a specific genre you want us to cover, drop a comment below

1. Joe’s pizza (multiple locations) – if you don’t know about Joe’s yet, allow us to introduce you. A favorite of most New Yorkers, this is your classic, no fuss “NYC slice” with a perfect balance of flavors.

2. Prince Street Pizza (Soho) – as we mentioned above, people wait on long lines for this pizza and with good reason. The Spicy Spring is a chewy, cheesy, and slightly spicy piece of heaven.

3. L’industrie (South Williamsburg) – arguably one of the best slices we’ve had all year! This spot in Williamsburg is a must – crispy crust with a delicate balance of sauce/cheese, and still holds up with heavier toppings like burrata and spicy salami.

4. Mama’s Too (UWS) – these hefty square slices have been spotted all over Instagram for their unique creations – most recently, they had an Elote Slice with corn and cotija cheese.

5. F&F Pizza (Gowanus, Brooklyn) – the sourdough crust here is what makes it really unique and delicious.

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