Whiskey & Food Pairings

Some of Our Favs!

Everyone knows there are wine and food pairings, but what about whiskey? What can you pair with it outside of “a large ice cube”? Today, we’d like to dig in to some whiskey pairings with food, and why you should give it a shot at your next party.

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Ok, NOW it’s snack time!

Dark Chocolate. A bourbon whiskey or scotch is a fine choice to pair with dark chocolate. Foods that are rich and decadent tend to play down the “burn” that can sometimes come from a strong whiskey. Try a piece of dark chocolate with hints of citrus (orange is amazing), and spicy chocolates work well with rye whiskey.

Cheese. Yes, this is not just for wine, friends. The various types of cheeses can really enhance your whiskey experience. A creamy, soft cheese like goat or brie pairs well with a sweet, light whiskey (like Siponey!), while an aged cheddar can really bring out the nuttiness in a peaty scotch.

Grilled meats. You can never go wrong with a glass of medium-bodied whiskey and a dry-aged ribeye, but there are more combinations to experiment with. A leaner meat could be paired with a sweet and smooth bourbon, and a rich dish like beef bourguignon is amazing with a peaty scotch.

Desserts. Fruit is a great pairing for whiskey, so why not add in the rich, buttery crust of a pie or crumble? An aged scotch or whiskey with hints of honey will really shine here.

We’d love to see your Siponey/food pairings! Tag us on Instagram @siponeydrinks 

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