New Year’s Eve Just Got Better with Siponey & Fried Chicken

Champagne has it’s purposes, but we implore you to try Siponey for New Year’s Eve this year. Bubbles, honey, whiskey, and lemon. This delightful combination of flavors pairs exceptionally well with a seasoned, slightly spicy fried chicken. If you go the lazy route and pick up Popeyes, we won’t judge you one bit (we also taste-tested this combo and can confirm: it’s delicious). Keep an eye out for our Siponey flavor wheel – it will help you make more of these perfect pairings in the very near future. 

NYC: Top 5 Little Italy Restaurants

One of the biggest questions we hear as a New York brand is: where do we go to eat? With so many options, we thought we’d tackle one of the biggest requests and that is Little Italy. With plenty of tourist traps, there are still some good options to choose from and we’ve compiled them below. 

  1. Rubirosa – great pizza and pasta, but it can be difficult to get a reservation, so we recommend going early before it opens. Try the tie-dye pizza (vodka sauce and pesto) and the arancini.
  2. Gelso & Grand – we’re partially into this place because of the decor – lots of wood and just oozing warmth! We love their pasta too though. 
  3. Aunt Jake’s – not the name you were expecting, but trust us, the fresh handmade pasta is worth it! When the weather permits, there’s a cute outdoor garden as well. 
  4. Emilio’s Ballato – much like Rubirosa, you may have to go early for this one, as reservations can be tough to come by. But the ambiance and antipasto are worth it alone. 
  5. Da Nico – we love this spot for their coal fired pizza, and don’t let the decor fool you, it’s a classic. 
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