Approximately 120 calories, per 12 oz. can

Siponey is made with real lemon juice with just a touch of wildflower honey, local to the NYS Lake Champlain region. Each can has less then 1g of sugar. This very small amount comes from both the real lemon juice, as well as the wildflower honey.

There are 13g of carbs in each 12 oz. can of Siponey.

The sediment is a settling result of using real ingredients, similar to how honey will sink to the bottom of a cup of tea. Many canned cocktail and hard seltzer products use artificial or “natural flavors”. Typically those ingredients are chemical, synthetic flavorings that are mixed with either malt liquor or a low-cost base spirit, and made from highly refined, often GMO grains. We use only whole, real ingredients that you can find in your local market. We are proud that we didn’t use a flavorhouse to craft our canned cocktails. Subsequently, what you are seeing are bits of the wildflower honey and lemon pulp that makes Siponey so tasty.

Yes we are! Send a resume to info@siponey.com for consideration to join Team Siponey.

We would love to help out! In 2022 we will start donating honeybee queens and apiary supplies so individuals can have their own bee farm. We believe saving honeybees is the first step in preserving our environment.  Please email us at info@siponey.com and tell us a bit about yourself. 

Siponey Royale is somewhat similar to the Gold Rush cocktail, which originated in NYC in the early 2000s. However, we substitute bourbon for rye whiskey to add nuanced flavor through spice, as well as to be less cloying then bourbon would be in a cocktail recipe that also calls for honey. We also adjusted the specs to be suitable for carbonation, hence our “whiskey spritz in a can”! Many iterations of this simple recipe were tested until we struck the right balance of flavor, down to the milligram. We also spend a great deal of time sourcing the best whiskey, honey and lemon juice available, seasonally.

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