Changing the Way the World Drinks with Ingredients and Cause

Siponey Spritz Co.™ commits 2% of revenues annually to non-profit environmentalists around the world and is dedicated to saving honeybees, one can at a time.

Giving Back to Honeybees

Siponey Spritz Co.identified saving honeybees as the “first step in recovering the environment”. We aim to do our part by supporting non-profit environmental organizations that spend 100% of their time saving the planet, with 2% or more of our annual revenue – while we also specialize in making you the best possible drink.

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Amanda Victoria

Founder & CEO

Amanda Victoria is a multi-decade, award-winning leader in cocktail and spirits business, communications, corporate environmental and social impact, product development, and revenue strategy. In 2019, Amanda co-founded Siponey Spritz Co., the first in-category B Corp certified cocktail company, as a super-premium canned alternative, made with top-quality ingredients. Her work has been featured prominently in the media as an eminent wine and spirits authority, entrepreneur, and environmental and social activist.

Joey Mintz

Founder & COO

Environmental entrepreneur and seasoned commercial and operations professional, Joseph Mintz is a Horticultural Science graduate from the New York Botanical Garden’s School of Professional Horticulture. As the co-founder and COO of Siponey Spritz Co., Mintz couples his education with experience, like having led rollouts for startups including Citibike in NYC. His work can be found in Vogue, Departures, The Food Network, NBC and with companies such as Delta, American Express, JW Marriott, Kitchen Aid, Hilton and more.

LP O’Brien


LP O’Brien is Netflix’s Ultimate Drink Master, the winner of Drink Masters – the first reality television competition to showcase cocktails as liquid art and the mixology artists who make them. LP has worked many roles in the food and beverage industry, from Beverage Director, R&D Production Chef, and Spirits Judge. Today she is an expert beverage consultant via her firm, LP Drinks. She also spends much of her time creating diverse, inclusive, and safe spaces through her work with her non-profit, Focus on Health. LP’s accolades include being a 2019 World Class US Finalist, 2021 Wine Enthusiasts 40 Under 40, and the Global Bar 100 Industry People to Know, and countless others.

Aaron Leopold


Aaron Leopold is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. He studied traditional animation at Pratt Institute and graduated in 2003. When he is not working on Siponey he is the lead designer for Project Energy Savers, a small publishing company with a focus on energy efficiency.

Sophia Zarate


Sophia Zarate is a dynamic professional with a broad range of experience in corporate America, spanning accounting, finance, and human resources. Sophia made a bold move to leave corporate America last year and pursue her passion for digital content creation. She now dedicates her time to social media management and to Corporate Pero Latinos (CPL), a non-profit organization that she founded to facilitate social and professional connections through shared experiences. Sophia’s experience in both corporate America and digital content creation has equipped her with a unique perspective on leadership and community building. Her passion for fostering connections and giving back is evident in all aspects of her work, and her achievements have earned her recognition as a rising star. Sophia’s dedication to making a positive impact on the world serves as inspiration for aspiring leaders and content creators alike.

Blair Bowman


Blair loves introducing whisky to the world. He’s the founder of World Whisky Day and has hosted hundreds of private and public events and tastings around the world (complete with his own innovative twists). He shares his expertise and passion as a whisky industry commentator for TV and radio, on screen in documentary films and TEDx talks, and in print, with a monthly column in Scottish Field Magazine and as the author of the bestselling Pocket Guide to Whisky: featuring the WhiskyTubeMap.

Blair is a proud Scotsman living in Edinburgh. He has visited countless distilleries and holds the world record for the most visited in one day (a whopping sixty!), served drams to thousands of people all over the world, including Ambassadors and Royals, and sourced rare casks for private clients, high net worth individuals, family estates, and even Academy Award winners. Wherever he goes, he loves to show people that there’s more to whisky than they might think!

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